For me, writing is the easiest way to convey my thoughts (I am a horrible verbal storyteller!). I love sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings through writing – I believe in the power of written words. I write from my heart about what inspires me – whether it be people in my life, strangers, actions and experiences I witness, or just taking a look at the good within our community and observing the beauty of Orange County.

My goal is to freely write with the hope of spreading the insight, inspiration and happiness that I feel from others and our community. Freely writing is my way of casually, candidly, writing-as-if-I’m-speaking-to-you.

So, I love writing… just not about myself.

The main relevant tidbits about me are that I deeply value and am grateful for my family, my job that enables me to put myself into the work that I am doing, and knowing my passions lie within the realm of philanthropy and connecting and bringing people together. I value time, kind words, everything real (love, happiness, friendships, beauty, food).

I am excited about this journey of sharing inspiration and stories with you. Thank you for taking this journey with me. We are a community, so please engage and share your stories with me as well!