Passion for a Cause

Thursday, November 16th was a day to celebrate ‘Passion for a Cause’ at the National Philanthropy Day luncheon, supported by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. The afternoon served its purpose in recognizing the impact philanthropy has on our community and to honor individuals, companies and organizations that have contributed greatly to our community.

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed November 15th as National Philanthropy day in 1986, and since then, 130 communities throughout the United States, Canada and most recently Hong Kong have begun celebrating the spirit of philanthropy. Celebrating those who bring forth their passion in serving others and bettering our community is always inspiring and revitalizes the joy and impact an individual or business can make.

Whether it be one’s time, talent or treasure – any contribution from the heart has value. Every day should be one where kindness is shown and impact is made. Orange County exemplifies the growth of philanthropy, as community leaders and members collaborate and join forces to put forth passion for a cause.

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