Unleashing the Power of Philanthropy

On Wednesday, November 8th, superheroes unleashed the power of philanthropy at the Orange County Community Foundation’s 2017 Annual Meeting. The superheroes in the room were local philanthropic movers and shakers, which prompted OCCF’s president, Shelley Hoss, to joke “who is watching over Orange County right now?”.

The Annual Meeting is not only an informative gathering of local philanthropists, donors and nonprofits within the community, but an afternoon to refresh the passion and purpose we feel in doing good in Orange County and beyond. This year OCCF awarded $59M in grants and scholarships and is among the top 10% of community foundations in the U.S. in total assets. Those financial snapshots are quite telling of the power of philanthropy here in Orange County!

OCCF’s mission is to “inspire a passion for lifelong philanthropy, faithfully steward the intentions of [our] donors and catalyze sustainable community impact” and together with community leaders, dreamers and doers, they’ve grown the good in Orange County and beyond.

An inspirational quote shared at the event: “In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it” – Marianne Williamson

And on that note, let’s bring our hearts and superpowers together and continue unleashing the power of philanthropy!

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