You Matter | Civic 50 Orange County

On Thursday, October 19th, the Orange County Business Journal in partnership with OneOC recognized the 50 most community-minded companies in Orange County at the inaugural Civic 50 Orange County luncheon. The Civic 50, created in 2012, is a National Initiative of Points of Light and for the first time has been localized for a specific market – right here in Orange County! Companies were nominated and selected based upon four categories within their community initiative programs: investment, institutionalization, integration and impact. The event showcased how companies and employees use their time, skills and resources to get involved within the community and how they exemplify the meaning of superior corporate citizenship.The energy in the ballroom was thrilling – as the variety of industries and roles represented all shared the deep commitment and focus to positively impact Orange County. The theme of the afternoon, much inspired from the keynote speaker, was that ‘YOU MATTER’. We all contribute parts of our own selves and through the work each individual does within our community, we spread ‘mattering’. It’s pretty neat to feel the power to inspire others simply by doing what we enjoy within our company and community.

For me, the Civic 50 Orange County was especially exciting as I love following and hearing about local companies and employees doing good around the community. THAT to me is spreading “mattering” (improper usage of a verb, but it makes sense!). The number of companies investing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to grow and I am looking forward to seeing more good community work being done and learning about inspirational people.

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