Special People

Father's Day

This past Sunday was Father’s Day – a day to celebrate and thank those who play the important role of dad. Last month I gushed about the special feeling I felt when I was wished a happy Mother’s Day for the first time, and this time it was my husband’s first Father’s Day! We are only a few weeks from seeing and holding our little girl, and already we feel the immense love and role of parenthood…without the sleepless nights and diaper changing!

Parents, guardians, family members, teachers, mentors and/or friends contribute as positive influences in our lives and I appreciate the holidays that allow time and recognition to be given. Though we should be giving thanks daily, inevitably the ongoing happenings of life tends to distract us so reminders help us to pause and reflect and let those who are a special and meaningful part of our lives know that they are.

I believe many individuals contribute to one’s growth and development, and consequently build a positive community through the guidance they provide. A lot of philanthropy happens through the values of family and friends that spread and get passed on.

We should be mindful and remind ourselves that the special people in our lives are a blessing and how fortunate we are for their presence. Today and each day, I am thankful for my husband, family, friends, mentors, colleagues and community leaders for being kind, doing good and inspiring me.

One comment

  1. Yes our loved ones are a gift, worth more than any money in the world to us! They are our true net worth!!


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