A Walk on the Bright Side

Back Bay

Two of the many daily blessings I feel living in Orange County are the weather, combined with the variety of outdoor opportunities to get out and be active. Behold Newport Back Bay – pictured above. I walk a small portion (the Back Bay Loop totals 10.5 miles) of this scenic trail at least twice a week and not only has it been my daily form of exercise during pregnancy, but it is my go-to for catching up with a friend through a power walk session, AND getting my daily dog fix in through seeing all the adorable pooches that grace this trail.

I snapped the featured photo during a weekend morning walk with myself. It was an opportune time to reflect on my past week and check in with upcoming commitments and to-do’s while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D! It also allowed a moment to stop and be present and to let the gratitude of life’s daily blessings and positivity flow through my mind and body. I feel that many of us are constantly in fast-forward, non-stop, go go go mode and it takes conscious effort and perhaps a serene environment to truly pause to be present within ourselves. It’s understandable that the importance of self checking-in gets put aside, as there seem to be other more important priorities – people to see, things to do, work to be done – but I believe positive energy can be refueled through pausing from time to time.

Being active and outdoors can be a great way to unplug, which I previously mentioned I am a huge fan of (post on this topic to come). I believe that we should let go of non-urgent distractions and truly look around at our natural surroundings to enjoy where we are, who we are with and the natural blessings in our life. My weekly walks inspire the motivation and energy to refresh myself, and also serves as a bright reminder of the beauty within Orange County.

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