Card for Thought


This was the first year I was wished a Happy Mother’s Day by friends and family. What a new, special feeling! The picture for this post includes cards I received from my baby shower (Saturday before Mother’s Day) and the adorable golden retriever card (friends know any dog card will fill my heart with joy) is a Mother’s Day card.

We rarely pick up a pen and paper to communicate and express ourselves. There is a powerful message in writing a card and snail mailing or hand delivering it to a friend, family member, business contact, etc. Is Papyrus still around? What about Hallmark? I know the answer to both is yes, because I am a huge fan of personalized hand written cards- whether it be for birthdays, engagements, congratulations, thank you, or any other occasion. I’m also a huge fan of unplugging, which is required when writing.

For me, since I mentioned finding comfort in writing out my feelings, cards are a way I express my love and thoughts to the recipient. A card can be meaningful for any or absolutely no occasion at all! I love writing cards to my husband when he goes on a business trip or just because! Hiding it in his suitcase or somewhere I know he will look makes me happy and is my way of letting him know how much I care and that I am thinking of him.

Handwritten letters and cards are a simple way to stay connected and create lasting memories. I believe there is a positive, timeless and personal connection in making every word count through writing, and therefore preserving feelings and moments. The inspiration I relate to writing cards and letters is in telling others you appreciate them and I hope this increasingly rare form of communication and vanishing habit will remain impactful and special. Be inspired to pick up a pen instead of a phone to share your feelings with someone – hopefully out of the 365 days in a year, we can find at least one day to write, whether it be for an occasion or simply just because.

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