Make a wish!

walk for Wishesss

World Wish Day was on Saturday, April 29th, as was Make-A-Wish of Orange County & the Inland Empire’s annual Walk for Wishes. I began my involvement with Make-A-Wish of Orange County & the Inland Empire as a general volunteer in 2013 and in January 2014 went through training to become a Wish Granter. I have so far granted 11 wishes and 3 currently pending. Through being a Wish Granter and interviewing parents of kids going through life-threatening illnesses and the superhero kids themselves, I have witnessed true strength, joy, resilience, hope and love.

Have you ever thought about what your most desired wish is? What are your dreams in life? It’s a tough question, if you ask me! There are intangible dreams (goals) or simply a single wish, and whatever it is we create as our purpose in life- there is always inspiration in knowing that no matter how much the world may be changing, neither a wish nor dream will.

I believe it can be healthy to wish for or dream about things in life – and as whimsical as it sounds, there is truth and hope in doing so. Anything that can bring hope and purpose, and most importantly faith in oneself is meaningful. When you are living the best way you can and want to, there is energy and passion that spreads and inspires.

There is inspiration in challenging yourself to pursue your wish(es) in life. A dream or wish opens up an inspiring picture of the future.

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