Inspiration Point


For the past few years there have been various moments and experiences when I have felt inspired and the desire to blog… and, technically I have been! Unfortunately, blogging in my own head does not totally count. Through the encouragement of my husband, I am officially attempting to transfer my many thoughts onto my keyboard to share with you.

This blog is the outlet of my inspiration.

I am sparked to finally do this because I feel and see so much within Orange County that I want to share. We are familiar with the beautiful beaches and the stunning homes – but I would like to focus on the beauty within. That is, within a person, an action, a few words – all the simplicities that are present daily in Orange County but not always recognized. One of my passions is the realm of philanthropy, which is quite prevalent in our community. I would like to share moments of philanthropy that inspire me.

I love and am grateful to live in Orange County with my husband as we begin our little family (excuse me if I go a bit MIA from July on…a baby girl might be to blame :-)). The Inspiration Point picture above was taken in Corona del Mar on a traditional Saturday morning – getting coffee at Zinc Cafe and walking along this pathway and sitting on a bench to admire the view and most of all dog watch (we are huge Golden Retriever and German Shepherd fans).

Spending quality time with family and/or friends and being in the present gets overlooked as a priority – I believe in living in the present and not waiting for the perfect moment, but taking the moment and making it perfect.

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